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Pakistan’s Agro Sector Shines at Gulfood 2024 with 46 Companies Showcasing Excellence

The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) proudly announces the remarkable participation of 46 leading companies from Pakistan’s vibrant #agro sector at #Gulfood2024, the world’s largest annual #food and #beverage trade exhibition held in Dubai.

Gulfood 2024, renowned for its global platform connecting food industry professionals, witnessed an impressive representation from Pakistan, showcasing the nation’s agricultural prowess and commitment to international trade. Spearheaded by the TDAP, these 46 companies exhibited a diverse range of high-quality agricultural products, highlighting Pakistan’s potential as a key player in the global food market.

From fresh produce to processed goods, Pakistan’s agro sector demonstrated its capacity to meet international standards while offering a rich variety of offerings. With a focus on promoting trade partnerships and fostering collaboration, the Pakistani companies engaged with stakeholders from around the world, exploring avenues for mutual growth and prosperity.

Commenting on the participation, Mr. Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, Chief Executive of TDAP, expressed profound satisfaction, stating, “The impressive turnout of Pakistani companies at Gulfood 2024 underscores our nation’s commitment to promoting agricultural excellence and facilitating trade opportunities on a global scale. We are immensely proud of the innovative products and unwavering dedication exhibited by our participants, reflecting the resilience and potential of Pakistan’s #agrosector.”

In addition to the 46 companies participating under the TDAP platform, approximately total 100 companies from various agri based products across Pakistan also participated in Gulfood 2024, further enhancing the country’s presence and visibility on the international stage. This collective effort signifies #Pakistan’s determination to expand its footprint in the global market and establish enduring partnerships for mutual benefit.

As Gulfood 2024 draws to a close, the TDAP remains steadfast in its mission to support and empower Pakistani businesses, facilitating their integration into the global supply chain and fostering sustainable economic growth.


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