Exhibitors TV Network - World Premier Online Video Channel for Tradeshow Industry Testimonials
Exhibitors TV Network, World’s Premier Online Channel for Tradeshow Industry


A few Testimonials about World’s first-ever Online Video Portal for Trade Show Industry

“Exhibitors TV is a fantastic method of which Exhibitors like us, brand names which are known can really get an impact to get their message across the people as you. It’s a fantastic way for us to be little bit more personal in the way we describing our products and services. And hopefully give you insight into some other customers and people who are already using our services. It’s a great experience and we hope that other people can benefit from Exhibitors TV as well”.

Nasser Saleem Ahmed, Head of Enterprise Sales Engineering, GOOGLE Middle East

GITEX 2010 – Dubai World Trade Centre


 “This is an approach IBM has been using itself. Over the year, we have large technical gatherings across the world for our professionals to meet and discuss, conferences very much like GITEX and as we are doing here now, we move more to putting some of this material on the web, so we can share it with wider audience so you don't have to be an attendee travelling all the way to a particular place to benefit from the things going on at GITEX. Hopefully, other people will learn from what's happening amongst the exhibitors and beyond and see some of the highlights of the conferences and better benefit from those without actually having the costly effort of being here”.

Mike Baldock, Executive Consultant, IBM Global Technology Services

GITEX 2010 – Dubai World Trade Centre


“We are very pleased to be able to talk with you on this forum because we believe that it provides valuable information for people who unable to come join us at GITEX as well as the people who are thinking about participating in future trade shows like GITEX”.

Ron Raffensperger, Director Core Networking Marketing, Huawei Technologies, China

GITEX 2010 – Dubai World Trade Centre


“Exhibitors TV have been playing a very important role in ITCN Asia as well as other Events like GITEX and all other Exhibitions over the world. I believe Exhibitors TV is a very good platform for all the companies to show themselves”.

Colin Hu, Deputy CEO & CTO, Huawei Technologies Pakistan

ITCN Asia 2011 – Karachi Expo Centre


“Having learnt how big GITEX grew over the past 30 years I still say that the audience to be reached is far bigger than the roughly 300,000 people that attend the fair. So, I am happy to provide you some insights via Exhibitors TV Network Portal”.

Jan A. Stoetzel, Regional Director Product Marketing, (Cloud Computing Offerings), FUJITSU

GITEX 2010 – Dubai World Trade Centre


“I think what Exhibitors TV is doing by bringing this exhibition online for the rest of the year instead of restricting it to 3 days is great. Marketing is one of the weakest things for our industry. We are doing amazing things, we are developing innovative products & services, but to bring to the world is the next step and you are starting that, I think it is great and I wish you all the luck”.

Jehan Ara, President, Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA)

ITCN Asia 2011 – Karachi Expo Centre

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