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Peak at AIM Annual Investment Meeting 2016

Date:Mon, 28 Mar 2016
http://www.aimcongress.com/en/ In 2016, the Annual Investment Meeting is the sixth annual event. The theme for the event is, “The New World of FDI, Key Features, and Best Practices”. It is scheduled to take place at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 11, 2016 – April 13, 2016. If you’re interested in catering to the attendees at this meeting, it is a good idea to book your booth in advance so you can reserve one of the top spaces. Annual Investment Meeting is considered to be one of the best conferences in Dubai. This event is one of the most celebrated exhibitions in the area and connects the top Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) investors, experts, and practitioners in the world. The focus is on how the landscape has changed over the course of the year and what New Forms of Investment are available. As part of this conference in Dubai, there is also a focus on new policies that are being rolled out. The event will seek to identify legislation that will help stimulate the local economy through new investment opportunities. Additionally, there is a look at the best practices for the industry and some of the developments that are on the horizon. The goal is to create a deeper understanding of the events that will take place and also look at the emerging markets that will are destined to be prominent in the coming year. Exhibitors TV Network (www.exhibitorstv.net) is Media Partners of Annual Investment Meeting 2016.

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