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Online Video Broadcast of 40th Arab Health 2015 by Exhibitors TV

Arab Health is the largest healthcare exhibition & CME accredited congress in the Middle East - 26-29 January 2015 - Dubai International Convention ...

SAH Global USA introduces its Proton Therapy & Medical Treatment Abroad at Arab Health 2015

Date:Fri, 13 Feb 2015
An Exclusive Interaction of Exhibitors TV with Feroz Agad, Chairman of SAH Global USA at Arab Health 2015. The company introduced its Proton Therapy and Medical Treatment Abroad services. SAH Global was founded by seasoned executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Feroz Agad after realizing that the investment opportunities he saw were more plentiful than the fields he was currently working in. After building a record for successfully spearheading long-term sales and profit-building initiatives in diverse industries, Mr. Agad created SAH Global on the premise of realizing and accelerating the utilization of its diverse projects in untapped, underdeveloped regions of the world, where its citizens, businesses, and various other establishments would stand as one of its primary beneficiaries. SAH Global was also founded on the idea that a new age of moral business could be founded in much of the developed world as well. For further information or to contact SAH Global, please browse www.sahglobal.com By entering into select and synergistic partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals around the world and by capitalizing on the company’s in-house resources and people, SAH Global aspires to become a catalyst for transitioning the “developing” world into a “developed” one, while maximizing the return on investment for the company’s investors.

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