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India Expo 2012-an Indian multi-product showcase by FIEO

India Expo 2012 was held from 21-23 December, 2012 at Karachi Expo Centre, where Indian companies exhibited goods from diverse sectors. Feder. of Indian ...

Group Ashima - manufacture 100% Processed Cotton Fabrics (Exhibitors TV @ India Expo 2012)

Date:Thu, 04 Jul 2013
Manish Mohile, General Manager at Ashima Limited spoke with Exhibitors TV at India Expo 2012. He shared that they are the dealing in the most comprehensive range of cotton textile products encompassing each and every need of the garment industry including Denims - Open end, Ring Spun; Shirting products - Fully Bleached Whites, Piece-Dyed, Yarn-Dyed; Bottom Weights - PFD, Piece Dyed, Yarn Dyed and Interlinings - Microdot Coated fusible woven. They also have retail presence through their Brands: ICON brand of fabrics and Frank Jefferson; brand of garments. They displayed range of Shirting products and Bottom Weights at India Expo, which are ready to stitch, comes along with accessories. Their main concern is Direct Retailing in Pakistan through dealers and agents. For more information about Ashima, please visit www.ashimagroup.com This Special Online Video Coverage is brought to you by Exhibitors TV in ePartnership with Tradekey (Pvt) Ltd. Exhibitors TV Network - www.exhibitorstv.net" is the first-ever Online Video Portal for Trade Show Industry launched by "The Xeptionalz - Pakistan".

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