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India Expo 2012-an Indian multi-product showcase by FIEO

India Expo 2012 was held from 21-23 December, 2012 at Karachi Expo Centre, where Indian companies exhibited goods from diverse sectors. Feder. of Indian ...

Dr. JRK's 777 oil; TOLENORM Oil & Ointment and S.I.V.A Drops (Exhibitors TV @ India Expo 2012)

Date:Thu, 04 Jul 2013
Ashish Parikh, Regional Sales Manager at Dr. JRK's Siddha Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. shared with Exhibitors TV at India Expo 2012, that Dr. JRK's has been engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing research based, clinically evaluated breakthrough formulations based on the Indian systems of medicine for the treatment of several disorders. Their mission is to establish a significant share of the global health care market through well researched, clinically evaluated and cost effective formulations from traditional systems of medicine. He briefed about the products including 777 - OIL - for Psoriasis; 777 oil is a single herbal formulation prepared by lipid extraction procedure. Another product he showed was TOLENORM Oil and TOLENORM Ointment for Vitiligo and S.I.V.A Drops for Immune Modulation. For more products' information, please browse,www.jrksiddha.com This Special Online Video Coverage is brought to you by Exhibitors TV in ePartnership with Tradekey (Pvt) Ltd. Exhibitors TV Network - www.exhibitorstv.net" is the first-ever Online Video Portal for Trade Show Industry launched by "The Xeptionalz - Pakistan".

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