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World Future Energy Summit - WFES 2014

The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) is the world's foremost event dedicated to renewable energies, energy efficiency and clean technologies. Held under ...

Shoals Technologies Group - Connect™ Junction Box and Combiner Boxes (Exhibitors TV at WFES 2014)

Date:Mon, 07 Apr 2014
Ben Macias, Vice President, Global Sales at Shoals Technologies Group spoke with Exhibitors TV Network during their participation at World Future Energy Summit 2014 held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre -- UAE. He said that they are the leading manufacturer of balance of systems solutions and the only JBox Power Stations provider and manufacturer. They have Flexline™ Junction Box and Shoals Connect™ Junction Box features a low profile (only 17.5mm) saving material requirements for solar industry OEMs when connecting the foils on their solar panels. Also have high-current-combiner-boxes and Photovoltaic Wire (PV). For more information, please visit www.shoals.com This Special Online Video Coverage of 7th WFES 2014 is brought to you by "Exhibitors TV Network", being Media Partner of the Show. Exhibitors TV Network - www.exhibitorstv.net" is the World's Premier Online Video Portal for Tradeshow Industry.

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