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Expo Pakistan is the biggest trade fair in Pakistan, showcasing the largest collection of Pakistan's export merchandise and services. Foreign exhibitors, from ...

Wah Industries provides Industrial Services to Civil market - ExhibitorsTV @ Expo Pakistan 2012

Date:Sat, 19 Jan 2013
Muhammad Rizwan Ahmad, MD at Wah Industries Limited (subsidiary of Pakistan Ordnance Factories), while briefing about their products to Exhibitors TV said that WIL provides industrial services to the Customers in Civil market. They are promoting their star product "Shaheen Cartridges" at Expo Pakistan 2012, which is a "12 bore ammunition", being liked countrywide. They also sell "30 bore ammunition" as well as "9 MM ammunition" for security purposes. Their Engineering products include Brass products, Aluminum Products and other heavy castings for industrial setup. "Exhibitors TV Network - www.exhibitorstv.net" is the first-ever Online Video Portal for Trade Show Industry launched by "The Xeptionalz - Pakistan". This unique online channel aims to become the largest directory of trade fair videos by presenting a comprehensive coverage of exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and seminars for diverse industries worldwide. Exhibitors TV Network collaborates with Event Organizers; records video presentations/demonstrations of Exhibitors and promotes these videos among the appropriate audience globally. Videos on Exhibitors TV Network help Event Organizers & Exhibitors to provide the information to those individuals and clients who due to any reason couldn't make it to attend the Event. This Special Online Video Coverage of Expo Pakistan 2012 is brought to you in partnership with Tradekey (www.tradekey.com) and Apparel Connection (www.apparelconnection.com).

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