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Pegasus Consultancy providing a window of ever-increasing opportunities (Exhibitors TV @ POGEE 2012)

Date:Thu, 24 May 2012
Aamer Khanzada, Managing Director of Pegasus Consultancy shares the importance of organizing the Pakistan Oil, Gas & Energy Exhibition and Conference - POGEE 2012 with Exhibitors TV Network. Over 210 Companies from 18 Countries are participating in the Exhibition, which provides an opportunity for Oil & Gas Energy Technology to display in Pakistan and facility for local companies to seek new technologies and new areas of expertise in this sector. Simultaneously, the 8th Safe and Secure Pakistan (8th International Safety & Security Exhibition) is being organized, covering the homeland security aspect and the technologies for security measures which need to be taken on day to day basis in Pakistan. Took Initiative to organize InterTrans 2012 (Pakistan's 1st Multi-Modal International Transport & Logistics Exhibition & Conference), which is the opportunity for foreign freight and transport companies to participate and share their views and experiences on the global trade routes which are now the focal point of economic cross border interaction. Railway is the highlighted and a high point to be discussed. Exhibitors TV Network (ETVN) is the first ever Online Video Bank Service for Trade Show Industry by "The Xeptionalz (www.thexeptionalz.com)", comprehensively covered POGEE 2012 Exhibition in Media Partnership with Pegasus Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd and e-Partnership with Tradekey.com. For more videos, visit our channel "exhibitorstvnetwork" or www.exhibitorstv.net.

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