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Exhibitors TV Network, World’s Premier Online Channel for Tradeshow Industry

Falcon-I - the only company selling European Car Tracking Products (Exhibitors TV @ InterTrans 2012)

Date:Thu, 24 May 2012
Syed Saad Salman, Business Analyst at Falcon-I (Pvt.) Ltd. speaking with Exhibitors TV Network at InterTrans Pakistan 2012 International Exhibition. Started four years back and is the part of Al-Abbas Group. It is the fastest growing and second largest vehicle tracking company in Pakistan. Promote and Sell leading European product range including i. Falcon Elevate, which ensures 24 hour security of your car against theft attempts and crimes. ii. Falcon Elegant; enhances and improves information management and safety of your asset; suitable for individual car owners and corporate customers who require close monitoring of their vehicles 24/7 and iii. Falcon Elite, that is ideal for individual car owners, organizations or car rental companies having a fleet of commercial vehicles. Exhibitors TV Network (ETVN) is the first ever Online Video Bank Service for Trade Show Industry by "The Xeptionalz (www.thexeptionalz.com)", comprehensively covered InterTrans Pakistan 2012 (Concurrent Event with POGEE 2012) in Media Partnership with Pegasus Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd and e-Partnership with Tradekey.com. For more videos, visit our channel "exhibitorstvnetwork" or www.exhibitorstv.net

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